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Kilt in Clan Watson Ancient Tartan
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Welcome to the Clan Watson Society! Our mission is to create a Clan Society that is the familial home for Watsons the world over. To realise this mission, we are guided by our strategic pillars - Community, Sustainability and Research - with each pillar respectively supported by our values of Kinship, Integrity and Tradition. We look forward to welcoming you into our growing community, so please take a look around, sign up for our monthly newsletter and join our Facebook group!

Long May We Flourish!

We are currently canvassing all who carry the name Watson or one of its variants or who are descended from or married to the same with regards to petitioning the Lord Lyon to recognise a Commander of the Name of Watson. To understand more about what this means and to let us know your thoughts, please visit our Watson Commander page!

NEW! Vote for a Commander!

Our Mission, Values & Strategy

Check out the About Us section of the site if you want to learn more about Our Mission & Values and our Short-Term Strategy!

Clansman in the Mountains

Donate to our Research

Check out our Donations page to learn more about helping to fund our research and the benefits that you will receive as a Clan Watson Supporter!

Watson of Saughton Family Tree

Our social media links are at the bottom of every page (we really recommend that you join our Facebook group!), you can sign up for our monthly update, contribute towards our research, contact us if you want to send us a message or question, and you can now join up as a paying member and access our exclusive members-only area of the site!

Get Involved!

Whether you just want to learn about the Watson name and history, get some help with your research, connect with like-minded people or get involved in events, we'd love to hear from you!

Please check out our sister site on which we store our genealogical data. The database contains family history data and family trees for Watsons and their kin that we find through our research, data that is sent in through the Watson One-Name Study, and data that is sent in from our members and other site visitors, so if you are conducting research into your own family history, please visit the site and check out the database!

Our Genealogy Site

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