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Donate and Become a Clan Watson Supporter!

We are currently advancing our efforts in our research on the family line of the last Chief of the Watson name in Scotland. The immediate priority is to research the Watsons of Saughton in more detail to establish whether there are any living heirs to James Watson, 10th of Saughton, his father Charles and, if that draws a blank, Charles's father James. We will also be looking for any evidence that other Watsons of Saughton before James, 10th of Saughton, were recognised as chief of the name in Scotland.

In order to petition the Lord Lyon to recognise a new Clan Chief or Clan Commander, it is essential that we thoroughly research and document all bloodlines from James Watson to conclusively demonstrate that any nominated candidates for the Chieftancy are eligible heirs of the Watsons of Saughton. In the case that no living Watson heirs are found, a comparable level of rigour needs to be applied in demonstrating that all possible Watson bloodlines from the Saughtons have died out.

We have done a considerable amount of research ourselves at our own cost and have now engaged a professional researcher to enable us to access records that are not available online, to validate our research to date and to prepare a case for the Lord Lyon.

If you would like to contribute towards the cost of this research we'd be very grateful for your donation. As described elsewhere, we are looking to formalise the society, and part of this will involve introducing a paying membership structure. In line with this, we have introduced a members-only area of the website, containing information and resources that are not publicly available. Although the free-to-access website will always make summary information on Watson history available to all, access to the members-only pages is reserved to those who have donated at least £10 in a calendar year.

As mentioned on the Membership page, anyone that contributes at least £25 in any calendar year will receive one year's access to the members-only pages in addition to being signed up as a Clan Watson Supporter. The first £10 of all donations in a calendar year will be allocated to supporting the costs of running the society, including this website, with the remainder allocated to the research budget.

There's no obligation whatsoever, but if you are able to contribute, we'll happily accept any donation, no matter how small. We have already started our research, but the speed with which we are able to progress will be governed by the level of funding that we are able to raise.

All donations are held in a dedicated account and only used for the purposes of supporting research and for supporting other costs incurred by the society such as web-hosting fees or membership fees for umbrella clan organisations.

You can contribute using the Paypal button below, which will take you to our donations page.

Paypal Button

Please ensure that you sign up if you are making a donation so that we can activate your membership. You can also create a member account if you are not donating, but please be aware that it will not allow you access to the members-only pages.

Benefits of Donating

If you make a donation of at least £10 in a calendar year, you will get access to our members-only pages and other benefits as shown on our Membership page.

As a thank you for making a donation of at least £25 in a calendar year, you will also get:

  • A mention in any monthly communication that is issued in any month in which you make a donation (mentions will not reference the level of donation unless you request us to do so)

  • A personalised, numbered certificate (PDF) recognising your status as a Clan Watson Supporter

  • Updates on the results of any research as they become available

  • You will be added to the exclusive Facebook group chat in which we discuss the research and make decisions on the way forward (requires a Facebook account)

  • A year's access to our members-only pages

  • If you are currently engaged in research into your own family tree, we will do our best to give you priority assistance

You will be eligible for the above benefits for a year after making your donation, so visit the PayPal link and get involved now!

The account linked to above is used exclusively for funding The Clan Watson Society. A statement of the account with donations anonymised will be made available to donors on a regular basis.

A Word on Auditability

The only data that we collect will be the name, email address, donation amount and donation date of those who make a donation. This data will be held in a password-protected spreadsheet and will only be used for the purposes of supplying the benefits listed above. The data will not be shared with anybody that does not need access to it for the purposes of administering donations or benefits. By making a donation, you agree to having your data held on file as described in this section. If you do not wish to have your data held, please contact us after making your donation and we will remove it from our records on the understanding that it will not be possible for us to supply the above benefits once your data is removed.

A Word on Data Handling

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