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All page on this site are listed here, broken down into the same sections as the dropdown menu at the top of every page.

  • Site homepage


About Us

  • About Us - landing page for this section, giving a summary of how the Clan Watson Society came into being

  • Our Mission - this page explains the Mission of the Clan Watson Society and gives details of the Strategic Pillars that support it and our Values that underpin everything that we do

  • Short-Term Strategy - given the exponential increase in the number of people getting involved in our society we have put a short-term growth strategy in place, and this page explains the key principles

  • Our Motto - this page presents a few of the mottos associated with the coats of arms of Watsons over the centuries, which have inspired the motto of our society

  • Newsletter - the very latest issue of our newsletter, The Sprouting Oak, together with all back issues, is available here for download

  • Contact Us - use this page to send us a message!

  • Sitemap - this page!

Clan Watson Near You

We'd love to see some regional chapters being formed across the globe. This section provides holding pages for some of the regions in which we see the most Watsons, and also gives a schedule of events at which you can meet some fellow Watsons. Look out for events near you and get involved!

  • Clan Watson Near You - the landing page for this section, with links to regional pages. If there's no page for your region, let us know!

  • Clan Watson UK & Ireland - the page for Clan Watson in the British Isles. We are looking for volunteers to represent us at events, so use the Contact Us page to get in touch if you are interested!

  • Clan Watson USA - we already have a few ambassadors in the US who are out there attending events under our banner. Check out the schedule of events to find something near you and go along to say hello! If you would like to represent us at an event near you, use the Contact Us page to get in touch!

  • Clan Watson Canada - another region in which we are looking for volunteers. If you are interested in representing us, please use the Contact Us page to get in touch!

  • Clan Watson Australia - we'd love to see some volunteers here, too!

  • Clan Watson New Zealand - and here!

Watson History

Member Resources

This area of the site contains information on membership together with pages that are only accessible to paid-up members. It is still under development but will are adding new material all the time!

  • Member Resources - the landing page for this area of the site

  • Membership - this page covers the different grades of membership available together with the benefits, and has a link to our Paypal donations page

  • Donate - this page is for those who wish to contribute towards the cost of funding our research into living heirs of the last Chief of the Name

  • Donate Cancel - this page is not accessible from the site menus. Those who visit our Paypal donations page but choose not to make a donation are directed here

  • Donate Confirm - another page that is not accessible from the site menus. Those who visit our Paypal donations page and make a donation are directed here

  • Login/Sign Up - head to this page if you wish to create an account, login to your account, or manage the information in your profile. Note that it will be necessary to create an account if you wish to make a donation to access the members-only area

  • Member Map - this page shows the approximate locations of all those who have joined our Facebook community, those who have volunteered to represent us at events, and where those events take place

  • Watson Places (Members Only) - this area of the website is currently being developed and will provide details of places you can visit that are relevant to Watsons together with detailed travel itineraries. As we add more material, we will add some to the publicly-accessible areas but reserve the travel itineraries for members

  • Library (Members Only) - on this page you will be able to download your own copies of some of the materials that we have amassed over the years as we have researched various aspects of Watson history. Some of these are very, very hard to find and you will probably only ever be able to find them here!

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