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About Us

This area of the site covers a little of the history that led to the formation of the society, lays out our aims and ambitions, and covers the Mission, Strategic Pillars and Values that will lie behind everything we do as we grow this community.

Our History

The seeds for the creation of this particular incarnation of a Clan Watson Society were sown in 2004 when Shane Watson went to his local doctor's clinic for a travel vaccination. As the nurse that administered his shot took his details, she said "Ah - another member of the Clan!". When asked what she meant, Shane heard mention of the term "Clan Watson" for the first time. He returned home and called his parents, who were a little surprised that he was unaware that the surname Watson had Scottish connections. This prompted him to do some more research.

His search began, as many do in this day and age, on the internet. It didn't take him long to find Electric Scotland, and then the now-defunct websites of the Clan Watson International Society (US-based) and the Clan Watson Society of Canada.

Both societies were very active back in their heyday and regularly attended gatherings in their respective countries. The Clan Watson Society of Canada had been researching heirs to the last Chief, and even sent a delegation across to Scotland to meet the Douglas family to talk about a potential new Clan Chief (see the The Clan Chief page for more), although these discussions came to nothing.

Shane started to do some research of his own, both into his own Watson history but also into the historic Clan Watson. He set up his first website, the now-decommissioned, primarily to act as a record of his findings but also to send out a message that he was looking into all things Watson with the aim of attracting others who were doing the same. The website started to generate a fair bit of interest, so he set up a Facebook group in 2009.

For the next few years, research progressed and the website continued to develop, with a slow buildup in the number of people joining in or following the efforts. At the beginning of 2020, there was a sharp uptick in the number of people joining the Facebook group, and it has been taking off ever since. This prompted a complete revamp of the website and a move across the the site as a reflection of the international spread of the membership. With increased interest and, lately, funding, progress on both the research and website accelerated, and we now have a thriving community on our Facebook group. We've also launched our newsletter, The Sprouting Oak, and we held our first virtual Clan conference in July 2023.

The rapid acceleration in our growth is showing no signs of slowing down, so we have formulated a short-term growth strategy to ensure we are adequately prepared for a future in which we are a much larger society, and this was the topic of our recent Clan conference.

Over the next few pages, we will cover the vision for the society, how we see it growing, what we see it doing, and how others can be involved. We'd love feedback on all this, because if the society is to truly succeed it needs to work for Watsons and their kin the world over, not just follow our particular vision, so if you have something to say, please let us know by using the Contact Page or join the discussion on the Facebook group!

The Buchanan with The President of The Clan Watson Society

Shane Watson (r) with the
Chief of Clan Buchanan

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